Javascript – Distribute a ReactJS component with other members of the same team

I just created one ReactJS Component consisting essentially of 2 files:



import React, {Component} & # 39; respond & # 39 ;;
introduce ...

The class FancyTextInput extends the component {

Constructor (props) {
Super (props);


render () {
Return (
); } } export standard FancyTextInput;

This component works correctly last ReactJS App that I've been working on since I created it in the same app.

Now, I want to externalize this component because it might be used by other members of my development team in the future ReactJS Apps.

In this scenario, I have the following prerequisites:

  1. need a way to publish the repository Private,
  2. to be able to explain the dependency on the file: package.json to install it with: $ npm me
  3. include the CSS File along the Javascript File.

I would like to know what options I have here and how to proceed.

I'm looking for the best practices to support my development.

Many Thanks!