javascript – Function similar to Jquery $.grep?

The grep function in Jquery will take in a json, and return all the parts of a json that pass a test. For example:

            var entriesInDateRange = $.grep(timeEntryChartData, function (timeEntryChartData) {
                return timeEntryChartData.Date_Worked >= e.value(0) && timeEntryChartData.Date_Worked <= e.value(1);
// This function will return all time entries that are within the range of e.value.

I am looking for a similar function that takes all the strings in the json that look like “2020-12-30T08:11:35.99” and turn them into date objects.

My Json is full of arrays that look like this:

Total_Hours: 9.48,
 End_Time: "2020-05-18718:00:49" 

And I would like it to look like

Total_Hours: 9.48,
Start_Time: new Date("2020-05-18708:31:48"),
 End_Time: new Date("2020-05-18718:00:49") 

If such a function does not exist, I think it would be possible to create a function that iterates over the json, and if key == “Start_Time”, then cast it to date, but I am looking for an elegant solution.