javascript – Running an application setup script using content editor

Preface, I have absolutely no experience with sharepoint (we use 2016) and I’ve received tasking that requires me to set some things up. Basically, my org wants to set up a stress test application on our home page. So I have this java script that’s supposed to get most of it up and running. They’ve also provided me with a document that’s supposed to walk me through the setup. I created a document library and uploaded the .js file and created a web-part page in the “full page, vertical” format. My documentation then says this:

o Click on the “Add a Web Part” link. A web part selector will appear under the SharePoint ribbon.

o In the left pane, choose “Media and Content”.

o In the middle pane, choose “Content Editor”.

o On the right side, click on the “Add” button.

o A new Content Editor web part should be visible. Click on the “Click here to add new content” link.

o In the ribbon, inside the “Format Text” tab, click on the “Edit Source” button.

o Here you will manually type a SCRIPT tag
“< script id=”stress-meter” type=”text/javascript” src=””>”

o Click “OK”.

o In the ribbon, click on the “Page” tab, and click on the “Stop Editing” button.

o Once you are out of page edit mode, the page will automatically render the initial setup

Well… The initial setup did not render, it’s just a blank page with the words “content editor”. How should I proceed?