javascript – Selenium and python in intranet

At the moment there is a local web solution in Python with FRAMEWORK CHERRYPY running, when deploying the application on a web server it does not work. The code or function (complement) is needed in the user’s browser, the URL of the Reuter (MODEM) is opened and the user and password fields automatically fill in.

Python code sample where the application does not work, because the address belongs to the client’s intranet.

driver = webdriver.Chrome (‘C: Python3 chromedriver.exe’)
driver.get (‘’)

element = driver.find_element_by_id (“txt_Username”)
element.send_keys (“root”)
element = driver.find_element_by_id (“txt_Password”)
element.send_keys (“admin”)

when the selenium bot is run it does not have access to the client intranet address (‘’)

I am looking for a bridge, app, JS, or extension for my Python code that is on a server and needs access to the intranet URL of the Reuter-modem (‘’), the important thing is that in the solution do not have to run any .exe

Note: that app at the moment only works locally for obvious reasons why I need a bridge between the online Python code and the user’s browser. Clients do not have the public IP address to access from the internet.

please i need the help. I will pay for it.