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Display value Inner Circle online training
1. Ad Value Academy: 8 training modules
We want to guide Inner Circle members through a process of personally teaching, coaching and helping create phenomenal and highly profitable Facebook ad campaigns for each of them!

Need help setting up? Do not you understand something in training? Would you just like someone to look into your account? Call the man behind the scenes so you'll NEVER get stuck again!

3. ALSO INCLUDED: LIVE expert lesson (every other week)
Would you like us to help you draft your message? Would you like us to review your ads? Would you like us to criticize your campaign? Would you like us to provide feedback on your landing page? They will attract our undivided attention in charging your campaigns and those of other Inner Circle members!

4. ALSO INCLUDED: LIVE Monthly Insider (every month)
Every month, get an initial overview of what works and what does not work for us. Find out which ads are winning for us and hear from some of our successful members!

5. ALSO INCLUDED: FB Support System
A private FB community ONLY for members of the inner circle! Meet other members of the inner circle, share success stories, ask questions and get answers from us and the team!

6. BONUS: Insta value
Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. So you need to know how to use them in your business. We dive into Instagram ads to show you everything you need to know!

7. BONUS: High Converting Funnel Secrets
In addition to creating and serving ads, you'll need a killer sales funnel to turn those ads into sales. If you want to create an e-mail list, assemble a high-conversion capture page, or build a relationship with your followers, this bonus is perfect for you!

8. BONUS: Retargeting value loop
Retargeting is the lowest hanging fruit on Facebook. We'll show you how to react effectively to your target group and revive e-mail lists with the right retargeting strategies!

9. BONUS: Affiliate Program
If you love the ad value and want to be paid to recommend it to others, our affiliate program is for you! We give you the resources you need to become a top advertising partner.

10. FAST ACTION BONUS: Video Ad Blueprint (updated)
After reviewing all ads for functionality and functionality, we've created the ultimate video ad templates to help you get the fastest results possible.

11. FAST ACTION BONUS: Secrets of Story Ads (Updated)
We'll tell you the story structure that has been responsible for millions of dollars in the last few years! We've broken our formula into simple steps to help you dominate your industry with the perfect story ads.

12. FAST ACTION BONUS: Ad Value LIVE event
Knowing that there is nothing like a live event, we decided to hold our own event for Ad Value members. Meet with other inner circle members, find out what works with our ads, and get personalized help and support in a personal environment!