jpeg – Is not it ideal to save a picture for printing as PNG?

You can not simply export a RAW to TIFF, PNG, or JPEG, but you need to perform some treatments for several reasons. However, they seem to be more interested in the differences between the different file formats.

I would stay away from TIFF as there are too many & # 39; dialects & # 39; there are no advantages over the other formats.

For the choice between png and jpeg it is less clear.
Although PNG is lossless (and can be 16 bits / channel), it is not really a problem for printing, because a high-quality JPEG is visually indistinguishable from a PNG (high quality: 90%, no problems with the highest settings) , , At the same time, the JPEG becomes much smaller (10x is not uncommon). For my device, 16-bit / channel PNG would require about 110 MB, 8-bit / channel PNG 42 MB, and JPEG 7.5 MB.

The difference only becomes visible when you need to recode a JPEG several times. or if you go to lower quality levels.

However, you should discuss with your printer how to prepare your file. If you indeed want to order a multiple meter deduction, they should be able and willing to help you (if not, I would look for another printer given the price of such prints). There are other aspects that you should consider, such as: Which color space you should use, how you want to sharpen for such sizes, etc.