json – Merging variant column data from two different tables in snowflake

I have two tables, each with about thousands of columns. Table contains variant data columns. I want to merge the variant data column based on the key value into variant data.

Table 1 Table 2
——————————– —————— —————-
src | | src |
——————————– —————— —————
{col1: val1, col2: val2, col3: val3} | | {col1: val1, col2: val2, col4: val4} |
——————————– —————— —————-

I want the output after merging:

Table 1

src |

{col1: val1, col2: val2, col3: val3} {col4: val4} |

I want existing keys in the variant column to be updated and new keys to be inserted into the table.

I've tried the object_insert () method, but it can update a single field at a time, and it's difficult to syntactically implement it for thousands of columns. How can this be achieved with multiple fields?
Can somebody help me with it?