kaby lake – Is Intel PTT part of the chipset or the CPU? Will I corrupt my TPM data if I replace my CPU?

With the advent of Windows 11 I’m kind of curious about the nature of Intel’s PTT. I have a 7700K and it supports PTT — I’ve enabled it and have confirmed it works, but I’m curious about the implications of using it. I have a few related questions.

  • Where is the TPM data stored?
  • Is it on my motherboard as part of the chipset, or is it part of the CPU core itself?
  • If I change my CPU core will that corrupt or reset my TPM?
  • Are there any other hardware configuration changes that can effect the integrity of the TPM data?

I like to tweak and modify my PC hardware from time to time, I’d like to avoid any unforeseen consequences of my tinkering.