keyboard – Is this a Mac Malware

Today I was downloading some apps for an old windows PC I own using my MacBook Pro which has High Sierra. I downloaded Internet Explorer app from a googled source that I knew wasn’t secure. And then via USB I installed it in my Windows PC, which didn’t had a browser.

After a few minutes my mac started to write only in uppercase and I noticed so I launched the keyboard watch app, and it had both shift keys continuously pressed.
I decided to restart. But then when I entered the password it didn’t work, I checked a few times and nothing.

There was this note on screen that said I could reset password pressing power until it powers off and then powering on again so I took that path and reset the password this time to just numbers to escape the uppercase. But it didn’t work, and even thou I reset my Mac’s password it still has the old password hint.

Suddenly the screen showed me as follows: If your password is correct but don’t let you enter your account, maybe it is not compatible with file vault. Here it started getting suspicious. But I deactivated File vault using my password and the thing is that in this interface, and in the interface of changing passwords the old password worked! Then I really thought I was being victim of fishing.

Here is the thing, there’s this malware extracting info by taking screenshots and saving keyboard pulsations, so maybe I am infected

I could be infected

I don’t know what to do. I disconnected from wifi but I need to know if I can solve it, if this is a keyboard issue or if it is a malware.
Note: The screens of the interfaces when I was asked to input my passwords looked strange to me.
I saw this message too. Input your password to unlock your HDD and the password worked even when I was to supposed to got that changed 5 minutes earlier.