keynote – How can I stop macOS from converting three dots “…” to a single threedot character “…”?

note: the first set of three dots in the title is definitely three separate dots, and the second is one character when I select it during editing. However viewing the posted in Safari both select as a single character.

I sometimes write explicitly three periods in a row “…” in a text field in TextEdit or in Keynote when discussing a bit of code or script, (e.g. X(..., 1) in Python puts a 1 in the last axis of a multidimensional array) and either Keynote or macOS says “Oh, I’m going to change what you typed to something you probably wanted instead” and converts it to X(…, 1)

I would like my laptop to stop doing that, in Keynote and basically anywhere!

How can I do this?

“Bonus points” for sharing how to stop it from putting periods at the ends of anything it thinks might be a sentence.

I have found that on a case-by-case basis I can stop and undo what is already done, but I just want to suppress this behavior from the beginning.

give me back what I typed to begin with please! Converting the trippledot character back to three dots