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Hey everyone, we are an Anime streaming site. We are aiming to replace old famous anime site, that recently vanished, we are just in beginning with our current anime contents. :tea:


We made this site to fill the empty spot gap and I personally like this site, as I am anime watcher too. We took about 1 year time in preparation to make this great CMS script which is also responsive on mobile.


We stream from our russian server provider only. It is also the Provider, that have direct connection to the Asia via the Russian Network Provider TransTeleCom, without having to route via US.


For new anime episodes, it is fully automated and it updates regulary, when the video is fully encoded.

All free! but supporting anime makers!
We will not earn an penny from the site, but we will donate money to the anime makers regulary, to support the anime industry.

This thread should be used for feedback and ideas only please. :kissing_heart: