kotlin – Factory method with repeated constructor parameters in implementations

I’m developing the Factory method pattern, and I’m wondering if this is the best course of action.

Basically, the method is this:

class CommandFactory(private val discord: Kord) {
    fun called(message: Message) =
        when (message.message.substringBefore(' ')) {
            "welp" -> WelpCommand()
            "notify" -> NotifyCommand()
            else -> null

But the discord param is being repeated throughout Command and its implementations, with a lot of clutter:

abstract class Command(private val discord: Kord) {
    abstract fun handleMessage(message: Message)

class WelpCommand(private val discord: Kord) : Command(discord) {
    override fun handleMessage(message: Message) {

Placing it in the handleMessage method isn’t an option, since I plan to make use of it in future ones.