kubernetes – Kubecost frontend access issue on AKS

I have installed kubecost on Azure Kubernetes Service cluster using https://www.kubecost.com/install.html#show-instructions. When I enable port-forwarding, I can access the frontend using curl http://localhost:9090/. But its not accessible using http://<machine-ip>:9090 in the browser (machine-ip is the public ip of the vm where I’m running the commands and I have opened inbound port 9090). So how do I get the UI in the browser?

I also Tried exposing kubecost-cost-analyzer service as LoadBalancer and tried accessing the UI using the external IP assigned, but can’t access in the browser or using curl. Need help in debugging this issue and getting the UI in browser.

NAME                                        TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP    PORT(S)                      AGE
service/kubecost-cost-analyzer              LoadBalancer         9001/TCP,9003/TCP,9090:30112/TCP   32m