kubernetes – Zookeeper-shell is Returning null for broker requests


On my Kubernetes cluster, I have installed Zookeeper & Kafka using Confluent Operator. I have confirmed that they are configured properly by creating and publishing to a Kafka topic.


When I use the zookeeper-shell, the command:
get /brokers/ids returns null, while I’m expecting something like (0, 1, 2)


I am using the zookeeper-shell from within the Kubernetes cluster, and am connecting without difficulty with the following command:
~/bin/zookeeper-shell zookeeper:2181

The following commands output the correct (non-null) response: get /zookeeper/config, get /cluster/id

But the following commands return null: get /brokers/ids, get /brokers/topics

More Info

The fact that I know the brokers are working makes this strange. It could be a security issue, but it seems strange that the other requests would work in that case. Finally, Confluent Control Center is directly telling me that broker.id 1 is the controller, which implies that this data is somehow retrievable. Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you.