kvm virtualization – Debian Stuck at Booting from Hard Disk after installation on KVM

I’m trying to install Debian on Qemu-KVM on RouterOS v5.25

I tried :


on disk image created using : qemu-img.exe create -f raw debian.img 10G

during the installation process, everything is good to the end.

but right after finishing installation and rebooting, it shows the boot screen counting to 4 then it’s stuck at

Booting from Hard Disk...

GRUB installed on (master boot record) during installation and i’ve tried to install it on (/dev/sda).

enter image description here

Note : it’s not rebooting itself, it’s just stuck.

Here’s the boot parameters :

enter image description here

RouterOS KVM configuration :

enter image description here

(for testing) I installed debian-6.0.10-i386-netinst.iso it did install and boot without problems, but nothing higher than this version is booting.

What causes this problem?