kvm virtualization – F: KVM host with GNS3 LAB

I hope this is the right channel for this question. This is for SDN LAB in the GNS3 with Asterisk.

I have KVM host in Germany (everyone knows where I guess). I have a GNS3 lab that runs on the Debian VM with some more VMs in Vbox. I am connected to the internet via the GNS3 cloud and it works fine for me (I can access the internet via the lab / Asterisk).

Now I have two networks:
virsh # net-list

Name Status Autostart Persistent

br0 active yes yes
Presetting active yes yes

In this case, & # 39; br0 & # 39; bridged with the NIC on the physical server and & # 39; default & # 39; is connected to virbr0, which is assigned to My Debian VM is connected via virtio.

Now the question: I would like to run Asterisk in Virtualbox on the Debian VM. I have ordered a secondary public IP address that I want to use for KVM management while the other VMs provide, but the host has only one NIC.

My question is: what is the best security solution? Should I just create br1 and connect it to the Debian VM? Or is it better to use current br0 and VLANs? I can not really remember why I use virbr0 with this VM instead of br0. This solution seems to be chaotic at the moment and I'm trying to fix everything without losing access to the host (since I do not have a console).

Thank you very much for your suggestions