Large chunk of photos showing up as gray in apple photos. How can I restore them from a backup, or do a scan for corrupted data?

Not entirely sure what’s going on but a large chunk of my photos from 2019 are showing up as grayed out boxes. They’re not available on either. But their location metadata/date and such are all still there!

My suspicion as to what happened was that there was an incomplete delete or something. I was trying to free up space ~1 month ago with google photos but I after apple photos didn’t respond when i hit “Delete All”, I restarted my phone and hit “Recover All”. I suppose instead of just deleting some photos, it marked a large chunk of them for deletion and did but left their metadata behind.

How can I ethier do a scan and delete all of these orphans, or ideally, restore them? I have a backup of all those photos in an iphone backup file.