Leaf Shutter Life Expectancy – Photography Stack Exchange

That is a very generic statement and its validity will be very dependent on which specific shutters are being compared.

If you compare an early in-lens aperture type leaf shutter to an early fabric (silk) focal plane shutter, then yes, the leaf shutter will likely last longer (in both age and actuations).

But if you compare the leaf shutter commonly used in compact mirrorless digital cameras (e.g. my Fuji x20, x100, etc.) it will have a life expectancy more aligned with mid range DSLRs; likely around 150-200k actuations.

That would be better than the life expectancy of some entry level cameras using focal plane shutters rated at 50-100k actuations. But that is not better than the life expectancy ratings of the top line DSLRs using modern carbon fiber and kevlar focal plane shutters, at 400-500k actuations.

The only camera in this database that I know uses a leaf shutter is the Sigma dp1; and its’ shutter life is awful compared to other cameras. Not that it means anything specific to the leaf shutter designs (there are many); it just shows that over-generalizations like those statements aren’t really useful.