learning – What is the best way to learn design patterns as a student

I am a student who currently learning design patterns. One of the major problems I faced when I started learning design patterns is forgetting the pattern immediately. Even though its crystal clear when I studying the pattern, after a few days I forget how the pattern works.

As I guess the reason for that is, not practical usage of the pattern. When it comes to learning algorithms, I can just write code two, three times, and do some exercises in Hackerrank of CodeChef. But when it comes to design patterns, even I write the code, it’s just disappearing from my mind.

Is this a common thing and do I have to stay patiently, and when I get a job and start working on a big codebase, and when I got to implement and learn actual use cases of design patterns, I will gradually learn design patterns or is it just I can’t remember the patters?

Is there any recommended way to practice design patterns. I mean I can write the codes, and it’s crystal clear at the moment I learn the pattern. But after a few days, it’s just disappearing.

So, should I wait patiently or should pay more attention to remember the patterns?