lens – Tamron 18-200 autofocus issue on Nikon D3100 body?

At 18mm the lens wont focus, the image is blurry.

My body is Nikon D3100.

Centre focus point and right focus points have the same problem the image is not in focus, when I try to focus from left focus points it is fine.

At other focal range focus seems to be sharp.

My 18-55mm lens works fine with my camera.

Trying manual focus solves the issue.

I tried,

Turning camera off, remove battery and start again.

Removed any filters from the lens.

Lens front and back glass is already crystal clean.

Removed lens and tried clicking it properly.

Turned auto/manual focus on/off.

Tried resetting camera settings.

Cleaned AF contact points both on body and lens.

I purchased this lens from eBay, it is brand new. The owner says he never used it and kept if for almost 2 years without using it.

What do you think is the issue here? Can a lens calibration be done? Is my camera body not working with the lens?