lg – downloaded file disappears from file manager, but chrome wont re-download (replace), or re-name (create new file)

Android 7.1 on LG phone
“stock” chrome
I download a movie,
its a really long filename,
and the file didn’t show up in downloads

so few days later I stumble upon same movie,
try to download, and chrome says file already exists

I check “downloads” in “file manager” but there is nothing there
I choose replace file option, file is not replace
I choose create new file option, and a file shows up in downloads in file manager
but as soon as I close file manager, the file is gone

so i try it again, but this time it wont rename file
it also wont replace file (pretends its downloading, then says already downloaded, but no file)

So I added a .nomedia to the directory cause I don’t want this file randomly popping up 😉

how do I reveal this file? get rid of it?
It doesn’t show up when I connect to laptop either