Licensing – Is there any accepted alternatives in the source code to create tags (eg Copyright, OSS, xport-Ctrl, Classification)?

Efforts are being made to keep the header of the booking code "boilerplate" up-to-date based on classifications and templates from an external application, resulting in "source code changes" and retesting due to thousands of files being updated & # 39; ; Copyright ©. And now and then the license template changes.

This is costly and demotivating, as the enterprise lifecycle management tools also transport and eliminate the information. Are there generally accepted alternatives?

If the source code is in a repo (eg git / mercurial), could the repo carry the boilerplate itself? Can Boilerplate be attached to the code at checkout: cat copyright.txt license.txt source.code?

Are there file systems where files can transfer this information? Source code and / or binaries?

Other solutions?