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  1. Site name: Life is about sport
    type: Personal blog.
    Site Info: My first attempt to immerse myself in the blog world. This is a personal blog where I share my views on issues that are important to me, such as sports, mental health, university and music. The content will be diverse, including other topics. I also have an introductory article and a page about myself so you can learn more about me. But I also linked my Twitter, so get to know me. I also encourage you to share your views with comments and share the articles with your friends. I enjoy taking ideas and really feel like in a community. :)

  • Aaron

    Bah humbug
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    Good work. I love the domain / web address : p

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  • I liked the design, I hope to see more of it in the near future! Keep it up. I am glad to see you there :)

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  • rich

    Dear contributor
    Dear contributor

    Just wish I was an athlete,