Lift the veil on WHMCS V8.0, Google Cloud & EasyDCIM v1.7.1! | Proxies-free

1. WHMCS V8.0 Under the Microscope

We want to shout from the rooftops that the list of our WHMCS modules with eagerly awaited WHMCS V8.0 support is almost complete after just slightly over a week since its General Availability status has been announced.

To fuel the thrill around this major release, we have devoted a full article to our very own, revealing opinion as to the qualities of WHMCS V8.0. Curious to find out what the future holds for our WHMCS offerings?

Head over straight to the full disclosure!

At the same time, be sure to have your finger on the pulse of our ongoing WHMCS V8.0 compatibility examinations which most recently have been passed by:

2. Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS v1.1.0

This week we dedicated our efforts to adding a touch of refreshment to Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS. The module joined our Marketplace only 4 months ago, but has already attracted special attention of many.

At the very core of the 1.1.0 version, you will find the highly anticipated support for user data, allowing you to choose between the “cloud-config” file or bash script used to configure the virtual machine during its first boot. No less exciting is the possibility for your clients to create, manage, and restore snapshots of their virtual Google Cloud instances. The update also opens the door for providing the network tags in product configuration.

Drop by the module’s changelog for a more comprehensive picture of this new release!

3. EasyDCIM v1.7.1 Release

A major update of EasyDCIM has just been released with a purposeful mission of extending the spectrum of qualities offered by the modules. Some of the most prominent features this newly rolled-out 1.7.1 version is packed with include:

  • a new „Detect Hardware Information” system template,
  • an inventive means for managing the admin login sessions,
  • 5 new conditions designed to regulate the allowed limits of device traffic

Read the Blog post going in-depth on all the latest additions inside EasyDCIM v1.7.1!

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