Lightning Network – I can pay bills on my Mainnet LND node, but others can not pay my bills

I have an LND node that runs the 0.5.2 beta version on a 2-core RAM with 8GB of Ubuntu 16.04. This is my node:

I used the Raspibolt tutorial to set up this node. It seems to work properly, but it does not work if you try to get paid. I can make channels and things, the only problem is that I can not receive payments.

For example, I have a contribution to you. I paid for contributions, it works perfectly. However, if I try to withdraw what I have earned through Yalls, it means the payout failed. If I try again, it says the bill is too much, even though it's wrong. I can confirm that I typed the correct public key of the node while creating the post while trying out my invoices in other posts from yall. The node pubkey is clearly different. Here is an imgur album demonstrating this.

I also tested my bills with BlueWallet, and there is LND api failure 7. Here's an imgur album showing this. I think the problem here is my knot. Has anyone found this problem or found out about it?

TLDR: I can do everything with my LND node, except to receive payments on invoices I make