lightning network – What are the best practices to close and reopen channels in order to increase capacity

I am new in the lightning so I opened a small channel with 50k sats to get started. After some research and try-and-error I would like to increase the capacity of this channel. I know that this is not possible and the only way to do that is to close the channel and open a new one since having a double channel with the same node is not recommended.
In the meanwhile a payment has been routed with this channel, so my local balance is 10k sats and in the remote balance is 30k (10k sats are gone on fees). If I close the channel now I will only get 10k sats minus fees. I will lose more than 80% of my initial amount!

The only thing I can think of is doing a rebalance of the channel so the most of the capacity is on my side and then close the channel. But since it only has 50k sats I cannot do a loop in (minimum 250k sats), or balance of satoshi (minimum 50k sats). Circular rebalance fails all the time. As an alternative I can create an invoice and route it to my self as described here (

But is it ok what I am doing? Is there a cheaper (smarter) way?