Line Graph of Financial Data in Google Sheets

Month Notes January Notes February
Net Worth $500 $600
Liabilities $50 $40
Credit Cards $10 $20
Credit Card 1 $5 $10
Credit Cards 2 $5 $10
Savings & Checking $400 $500
Investments $100 $200

I have a google spreadsheet I use for tracking monthly financials that looks something like this. I use a new tab or sheet per year.
I was looking to add a Dashboard to the first tab that would display an individual line for each row.

Essentially I want the row and column labels to be the same I have here but translate the numerical values into a line graph.

I have attempted to select all of the cells with the respective data manually. I have tried selecting the ranges – but with my notes columns and there are detailed rows underneath each of the rows displayed here i.e. credit cards have a row each for each card, etc. So the rows and columns in the sheet are not exactly contiguous. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to manually click each item. I have also tried selecting a row with the column intended become that row’s label and the numeric values in that row as the plotted lines – but that doesn’t seem to work very well either. Especially if I try to add more than one row. to display multiple lines.