linux – automatic mount with multi-user permissions

I have a NAS appliance (Synology DiskStation), which exposes file shares through a variety of common protocols, including NFS and SMB/CIFS. The device has its own user set and permissions system for the files.

I also have a Linux server on which I wish to mount a share remotely. The server has users of the same names as those on device. I wish the mount to occur automatically when the server starts, and to present the same file permissions to its local users as on the device. In this sense, the files would appear just as local files, that is, always available, and with per-file permissions respected.

I am not currently running operating a domain.

To the extent possible, I prefer to avoid the following:

  • Changing the UIDs of any users on the server.
  • Exposing any shares to unauthenticated access.
  • Any complex configuration of a domain.

What is the best approach?