linux – gio mount says “volume doesn’t implement mount” when run as non-root

All involved OSes are Debian 10

I run a decent size network for a scientific insitute.
Users have separate PCs to work on. Login is handled locally.
To connect users and data, we run a samba server (“cloud” — just to share data, separate login details) and a login server (“node”) that’s accessible worldwide
Users can successfully use the “archive” share on “cloud” via Nautilus or Dolphin.
However I want to enable them to also mount / access the cloud on the “node”

I have installed gvfs-backends and gvfs-fuse and added all users to the fuse group.

Using gio mount smb://cloud.(fqdn)/archive root can mount the share using any samba-username + password and access it in /run/user/0/gvfs/

Doing the same with any non-root user yields volume doesn't implement mount.

I have no idea how to interpret that since the volume is obviously mountable.