linux – Installation on remote server without root access

I copied the installation script to my home directory on an ssh server, and ran it with bash. When asked for directory choice, I entered “~/Wolfram/Mathematica/12.0” (instead of “/usr/local/”, I went for my home dir as I don’t have root access). I was also asked to chose a directory for scripts, which I chose “~/Wolfram/Mathematica/scripts”. The installation was successful, though wolfram script integration couldn’t be possible as I have no root access. Now when I check my home directory, but see no directory titled Wolfram. Trying mathematica --version on the CLI gives 11.2, which is a system wide installation on server.

Thus my question is, how can I get a newer Mathematica installed without root access?

Edit: I can confirm no such directories were created in my home dir by adding up size all the directories there.