linux – Need help recovering data using TestDisk

This is what my partitions looks like now:
partition table

Earlier the Unallocated 20GB space was just after OS(C:) partition. I booted to a Linux Mint Live Disk and used Gparted to move the unallocated space after the 150GB Pop OS and expand it. It crashed midway and after I tried rebooting to Pop OS, I am unable to boot into it. I get initramfs. So I booted into Windows 10(works fine) and used TestDisk to recover lost data.

I selected my Drive, selected EFI GPT partition type, and selected Analyse and I got this:
current partition structure
I couldn’t understand anything, So I proceeded to Quick Search and after 5-10 minutes I got this:

The harddisk (512 GB / 476 GiB) seems too small! (< 1023 GB / 953 GiB)
Check the harddisk size: HD jumper settings, BIOS detection...                                                                                                                                                                                  
The following partition can't be recovered:                                                                                  
Partition               Start        End    Size in sectors                                                        
>  MS Data               1000215182 1999863068  999647887 

I proceeded and got this:

Disk /dev/sda - 512 GB / 476 GiB - CHS 62260 255 63                                                                          
Partition               Start        End    Size in sectors                                                        
>P EFI System                  2048     534527     532480 (EFI System Partition) (SYSTEM)                                
D MS Data                   567296  623962929  623395634 (OS)                                                           
D MS Data                   567296 1000215182  999647887 (OS)                                                           
D EFI System             623964160  625192959    1228800 (EFI System Partition) (NO NAME)                               
D Linux Swap             625192960  641970159   16777200                                                                
D EFI System             665907200  667135999    1228800 (EFI System Partition) (NO NAME)                               
D Linux Swap             667136000  683913199   16777200                                                                
D Linux filesys. data    683913216  998469631  314556416                                                                
D MS Data                996732929  998473728    1740800                                                                
D MS Data                998473728 1000214527    1740800 (RECOVERY)

Now, What should I do?