linux networking – Does Dropbear know what a ~/.ssh/config file is?

I want to ssh from one host (OpenWrt running Dropbear) to another host on the same LAN that is running open-ssh server and client.

I converted the private open-ssh key of the other host to dropbear format and saved it to ~/.ssh/ncp_key_dropbear on the OpenWrt host.

Now I can ssh from OpenWrt to the other host like this:

# ssh -i ncp_key_dropbear root@ -p 22

I also made a ~/.ssh/config file on the OpenWrt host like this:

Host ncp
        User root
        Port 22
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ncp_key_dropbear

But when I try to ssh now with this command:

# ssh ncp

I get this error…

root@OpenWrt:~/.ssh# ssh ncp

ssh: Connection to root@ncp:22 exited: Connect failed: Error resolving 'ncp' port '22'. Name does not resolve

Actually I get the same error even if I change the Port to 1022 even though the sshd on the remote host is also listening on that port.

I set up a ~/.ssh/config file on the other host as above, except I use an open-ssh client on that host, and can ssh from it to OpenWrt like this:

# ssh openwrt

So why is my config file not working on the OpenWrt? Does Dropbear not know anything about ~/.ssh/config files? Here is an article from 2009 that seems to suggest that but surely things have changed?