linux networking – libreswan with Ikev2 client and plain text password

I need to set up a connection to VPN server with Libreswan. I can’t use strongswan, since they are not working well together when installed on the same OC.

My system is Linux Debian 10 (Buster)
Kernel version: 4.19.0-17

I already have a working L2TP/IPSec VPN connection, so dont want to install additional software.

When I scan remote VPN with ike-scan, server responses with next:

Handshake returned:HDR=(CKY-R=574aa700c8ed7aa6, IKEv2)
SA=(Encr=AES_CBC,KeyLength=128 Integ=HMAC_SHA1_96 Prf=HMAC_SHA1 DH_Group=2:modp1024)
KeyExchange(132 bytes) Nonce(32 bytes) Notification(4 bytes)

This looks like libreswan can support the connection.
When I try to start new connection I added into ipsec.conf, I got next:

133 "ikev2-srv" #1: STATE_PARENT_I1: sent v2I1, expected v2R1
002 "ikev2-srv" #1: WARNING: connection ikev2-srv PSK length of 8 bytes is too short for sha PRF in FIPS mode (10 bytes required)```

Question is: how to configure mentioned Ikev2 vpn connection with libreswan? 
I got login / pass and server ip and nothing more. Also , my pass is smaller than it is expected(according to output).