linux – Setting CPU frequency to hardware minimum limit – will it harm the hardware?

I’m running on a Intel Celeron N4120. I can easily set the CPU governor for all 4 cores to powersave using:

for n in {0..3}
  sudo cpufreq-set -g powersave -c $n

Now, using cpufreq-info I know the hardware limits of my CPU is 800 MHz – 2.60 GHz. And, cpufreq-set allows me to set the highest and lowest clock speed.

My question is: if I always set the highest and lowest clock speed of my CPU to 800 MHz for all the cores, alongside setting the governor to powersave all the time, then will it affect my hardware?

Information: I did this on an older (Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo) computer of mine, and had kernel crashes (not sure if they are related). I used the computer for a long time like that – and then I wasn’t able to tune my CPU anymore. No cpufreq-set command worked anymore. Again, not sure if they can be related.