linux – Ubuntu not showng in boot manager of OS after dual booting with windows 10

I am using a HP laptop which has both SSD and HDD. Windows 10 is installed in the SSD so I have decided to install linux in HDD. I have allocated around 50GB for Ubuntu 20.04 and installed it in the HDD, but after restarting the computer GRUB is not showing I thought it may be problem with the ordering of the OS in the boot loader so I decided to check in the BIOS, to my suprise even after successfull installation of the OS, OS boot manager in BIOS is showing only windows and there is no trace of linux. I am unable to understand what is the problem I have tried with different combinations of the secure boot and legacy support but nothing seems to work for me.
Currently I don’t have enough credits to post the image show i am posting the link to the image which contains the snapshot of the BIOS. If any one knows the solution then please let me know

enter image description here