list – ‘go to comments’ emailed link from mentions

We are having an odd issue with mentions/comments for a list we have in Sharepoint.

When a user does a mention and creates a comment it sends the email you would expect to the user with the ‘go to comment’ link, but recently it takes you to a classic view of the comment, which is not allowing any sort of editing or interaction.

It is doing this for all users though including owners of the list. This is happening now instead of opening up the modern view of the item they commented on. We have tried to adjust settings for users but that is not having an effect.

We also tested making a new list based on the established settings of this list and do not have this problem. Ideally we would like to keep the original list if possible without transferring data over. We are thinking it may be a user/group configuration issue. Has any one encountered this issue before? If so, were you able to resolve and how so? Thank you!