list manipulation – How to evaluate a function on all solutions given in output of a Reduce function

Say I have a Mathematica programme/function $f(z_,w_{} ) = mathrm{Reduce}(cdots)$ which outputs a list of solutions, which looks something like $$a = 1 && ((0leq b leq 1000 && -5 leq c leq 65)) $$
$$a = 2 && ((32leq b leq 860 && -4 leq c leq 36)) $$
and so on for all cases of $a$ (here $1 leq a leq 10$). Here $a,b,c$ are all integers.

I have another function $g$ written in Mathematica taking values in four integers that I would like to evaluate on each solution in the list above. Is it possible to write code which does this in Mathematica? I have searched online but haven’t had much luck. Thanks!