LND Not Syncing

I’m trying to setup LND. Last night bitcoind was synced and I setup an LND wallet.

When I run lncli getinfo, I get the following:

    "block_hash": "0000000000000000000ef8ef8553fd482a3deea2c558e74a5f0075d5d044e0ef",
    "best_header_timestamp": "1602890595",
    "synced_to_chain": false,
    "synced_to_graph": false,

That block hash corresponds to the tip as the moment I write this, yet synced_to_chain is still false. What’s going on here?

I tried restarting LND and the last two lines in the log are:

2021-01-07 16:09:38.399 (INF) LTND: Waiting for chain backend to finish sync, start_height=665032
2021-01-07 16:09:39.224 (INF) LNWL: Started rescan from block 000000000000000000015e62d7c49a15773719cbb9e3486ce6faf46649200b1b (height 652962) for 4 addresses

665032 is the tip. Then nothing happens for 15 minutes. Seems like it’s stuck …