lo.logic – What is going on in the field of algebraic logic those days?

I’m doing my masters in Mathematics and took a class in universal algebra and there I learned that for example: Boolean algebras have direct connection with classical logic, Heyting algebras with intuitionistic logic.

I got fascinated by this connection of logic and algebra and self studied about the Lindembaum-Tarski method and nowdays I’m studying the link between the relational semantics of intuitionistic logic (Kripke semantics) and their algebraic one.

But all this is quite old and for beginners. So my question is:

What is going on on the field of algebraic logic those days? The field is full of research or not much populated anymore? What are the trends? If possible, I would love to see some reference where I can read and learn more about the state of the field these days.

Observation: I saw another post with the same question posted 7 years ago, but could not access the link in the answer of this post. Since the question was asked 7 years ago, I think I can ask the same question again? If no, please let me know and I will delete my question.