Localization – JS translation does not work

I have a problem with some translations in Magento 2 2.3.0. My shop is in French, the text works well.

It seems that the problem only occurs with content coming from JS (AJAX and template).

View and edit cart
I have the same problem with the shipping calculation with the state / province, it is in the wrong locale.

When I check in to js-translation.json, there are about 300 translations, and "View and Edit Cart" is one of them. I do not know where these translations come from, my translation CSV has + 9,000 terms.

I switched between Dev and Prod modes to see if the generation has changed, but the same.

I have also executed these commands between these attempts

rm -rf var / generation / * var / di / * var / cache / * var / page_cache / *
var / view_preprocessed / * pub / static / *;

bin / magento setup: upgrade;
bin / magento setup: di: compile;
bin / magento setup: static-content: deploy --theme =[my theme] fr_CA -f;
bin / magento cache: flush;
bin / magento indexer: reindex;

Magento: Community Edition 2.3.0
PHP: 7.2.13

Many Thanks