Location Map: Show all locations based on search OR go through the search area?

We're trying to create a site search for the company so customers can find it in maps on the company's site.
How it works is:
1. The user enters the name of the city in the search for which he wants to display places
2. Zooms to this city and lists all available locations within the visible area

Since cities / suburbs are available in all shapes and sizes, we can not scale down to the limit, so there is a predefined zoom level that we must agree to.

As you can see in the diagram, some positions are out of sight. My argument is, for example, if the user enters London in the results list, we should list those that are out of the visible range, even if we do not zoom out to accommodate all positions in the view. However, they refuse and say that this is a location search for "MAP" so that the user must move the map for it to appear in the results list.

My considerations are:
1. The search is respected, the place IS in London we have to list
2. If the user searches on a slow 3G phone, he has no time to zoom out to increase the visible area. Just let him choose the location on the list to display the phone number or hours worked.

What do you think?

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