Lockout – How do I prohibit deleting folders in the SP online document library?

I thought this information was easy to find on Google or on this website, but I can't find it. Sorry in advance if I missed it.

I have a document library that can be accessed by over 100 people and we decide to block the ability to delete folders because of the risk that a non-IT professional can accidentally remove all of our files.
My idea was to go to the SP permission level and disable something that is under "delete folder", but it doesn't exist that way.
I have checked the list several times and cannot determine which authorization level this right for deleting folders is assigned to. Under the list of permissions that I can change. Can anyone explain how I can set a permission level when users can manage (create, edit, delete) files but cannot delete a folder?

Thanks in advance

PS: The list of authorization levels:

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