logging – How to build event pattern for cloudwatch->Events->Rules?

Does anyone know how to build a proper “event pattern” in AWS Cloudwatch->Events->Rules?

I am trying to send events that exist in a particular AWS CloudWatch Log group to SNS topic. The problem is – I can’t define a proper “event pattern”. The AWS Console creates this “event pattern” which does not work:

  "source": [

I can get the logs manually by running this command, but I do not know how to convert that into proper “event pattern” for CLoudWatch Event Rule:

aws logs filter-log-events --log-group-name /aws/eks/foobar/cluster 
 --start-time 1623117604605 --filter-pattern 
"{$.apiVersion = "audit.k8s.io/v1" && $.objectRef.subresource = exec }"