Logic pro X 10.5 control surface setup not appearing

I was trying to delete launchpad from logic pro x and deleted the whole menu on accident please help. I no longer can add or delete any surfaces and do not have setup menu.
I followed these instructions

You have to have the CS prefs on your Mac.. It is created as soon as you launch Logic Pro.. so again, follow the steps exactly as stated.. Do not try to do it another way..

Also do the same for the com.apple.logic10.plist which is the correct file name.. for Logic’s own prefs.. (The one you tried to use previously was for earlier versions of Logic…)

Make sure you have quit Logic before doing these actions…

You will then find those specific files ….. and you can delete them…

Deleting the prefs and CS prefs file removes all Controller info that Logic uses….

Remember also, to now restart your Mac…….

Now launch LPX and both new Prefs and CS prefs will be created….

Now test….