Looking for a $1/month VPS? We’ve got you covered!

$1/month Cheap VPS LowEndBox is all about helping our users find the most exciting, and the cheapest deals for great VPS packages globally. So, a few days ago we updated our “$1 USD / month VPS” list to include new offers from providers who have packages in stock and we removed the providers who were sold out.

The $1/month VPS page on LowEndBox is one of our highest traffic pages, so clearly lots of people are eager to buy super cheap VPS packages.

So if you are looking for a VPS for around $1/month check out our deals below by clicking on the link. Packages are starting at just $10.98/year. Now that is a great value.

Be sure to leave comments and be sure to share other great deals for VPS packages around $1/month so we can add them to our list.

$1 VPS – 1 USD VPS Per Month

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