Looking for a general “blog health” check

Hi experts,

I’ve been blogging for over 15 years using a self-hosted WordPress plateform. I’m not really monetizing the blog, it’s mostly my portfolio and I focus on content creation.

Fifteen years is… ahem, a long time. Many things changed and I’m not exactly on top of latest dos and donts. The blog is fully functional but I’m sure it would benefits from a good cleanup and a fresh pair of eyes.

So I’m looking for someone to:

  • Clean up old tables
  • Perform a quick SEO check
  • Fine tune plugin setup as needed (for instance, there’s apparently an issue with sitemap and the All in One SEO plugin… according to Google Analytics)
  • Provide suggestions

This is the blog I’m talking about.

Interested? Let’ talk! :)

Thank you for reading this!