Looking for some input on UI design of my first desktop app

So I’m building an app to help intensive PC users build strong habits. The first feature I’m building is a little ‘pop-up reminders’ feature, to remind people to maintain good posture, drink water, and take breaks.

The draft UI looks something like this: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fwsqBrZzXV5q4nxCnA7C3LchAlpfThLJ?usp=sharing

And I’ve had 7 different sets of ‘reminder pop-ups’ designed:


Apologies- the quality hasn’t done well on google drive.

This is my first project, and I’m not 100% sure who the target market is yet (hunch is either older gamers or professionals who send long hours at computers, like accountants). Hoping for some general feedback on feel of UI and specifically which pop-up set looks best?

Single-question survey for those who prefer to answer that way:


Cheers guys!