Looking to try new host due to security concerns and WordPress Plugin issue

I have been using a certain WordPress host (who shall remain nameless for now since I am not sure they are at fault and I have been there 4 years with no problems until now). Looking to test to see if the problems go way with a change of hosts.

The basics

Current host specifics include

CPanel 5 domains



Inodes not mentioned

Unlimited Bandwidth

3GB Memory

Litespeed +LS Cache and Cloudflare with Railguns

Let’s Encrypt

200% CPU

15 MB I/O

Venom Power Servers

Imunify DDOS

E5 Powerhouse Servers

Cost= about 5 dollars a month (Previously used their reseller account at 20 a month but as I stopped making sites, I scaled down-it had similar specs)

My usage

35.2 GB / 73.24 GB (48.05%)

Site 1 17,224.02

Site 2 13,247.54 (may grow with more images)

Site 3 4,891.08

Entry Processes

1 / 20 (5%)

Bandwidth now 150 MB

Issues–Over the years a¥occasional downtimes of a minute or two as reported by Hetrix.

1) Recently big slowdown and downtimes. Support said i was using lots of resources. This is a recent support tech who is not very useful as she just reads a list of possible causes. Later, longtime tech said it was a DDOS attack. (He is always better). It subsided on its own.

I installed the following on my site:

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Fail2ban bronze (premium plugin, no script-just plugin)-they are bad at support though so may get rid as no instructions)

WordFence free (replaced Secupress which had been fhaving occasionally failed backups). Also added All-in-One WP Migration pCloud Extension to do backups.

Connected to Cloudflare through my host.

Have always had LS Cache on


2) Then most recently began having trouble with galley plugin Meow Gallery–multiple issues such as system errors after using for a while. reinstall and ok, then issues reappear. The developer has been patient but even they suggested it could be a host issue. And so i am thinking of trying a new host and see if it goes away.

I have 3 sites- 2 of my own and one i host for a friend.

This is the one that has the gallery issue paularenson.org

This is my other site tokyoprogressive.org (gallery plugin failed here too). I have two domains for this site.

My friend’s site equityeltjapan.com

Another friend’s site (static pages)

I have looked at suggestions here and on FB WordPress hosting) and found several that look ok. I have looked at KPMedia’s recommendations too.


1) MDD looks good.

On this list of one of the best

(This guy seems to be reliable based on his posts in WHT)

The trouble is if I want to go BACK to Reseller their Reseller plan is 40 dollars, too high. But their shared looks decent enough. And I like Mike’s posts here. Seems like a good guy. For ME support is important.Am NOT technical/ They have been around a while since 2007.

Two plans

7 dollars a month

Ram only 1 GB I/O 50 MB (Is that an issue with my sites above??)

Entry Process 25 OK?

Total Processes 150 OK?

Inodes 500,000 OK?

SSD and BW “unlimited” STORSTOOL OK?

Cores not mentioned OK?

No specific DDOS OK?

Multiple locations

14 dollars a month

Ram 2 GB I/O 60 MB (Is this better given my sites)

Entry Process 30 “

Total Processes 160 “

Inodes 600,000 “

SSD and BW “unlimited” STORSTOOL “

Cores not mentioned ?

No specific DDOS ?

Multiple locations

2) Host Mantis- Are they alright still? Their reseller plan is more reasonable, but they only have an East Coast US location. Then again, if I continue Cloudflare maybe ok?

Since 2010

7 dollars a month


1x CPU Cores

Unmetered Transfer

Ram only 1 GB I/O 50 MB

Entry Process 25

Total Processes 150

Inodes 500,000

SSD and BW “unlimited” STORSTOOL

Cores not mentioned


East coast US location

They have a 12.95 PLAN WITH


1.5x CPU Cores

Unmetered Transfer

Ram not mentioned

Entry Process not mentioned

Total Processes not mentioned

Inodes not mentioned

SSD and BW not mentioned

Cores not mentioned


East coast US location

They have reseller at 50 GB SSD for 9.95 (25 accounts). Not sure if this is a good option given my sites.

All their plans seem to have DDOS protection.

And others I looked at that may be in the running

3) Hawk Host, 2.95 a month , 10 GB SSD or unlimited for 7.99, Proactive Malware scanning, Memcached Server, Imunify, Multiple locations

Ram not mentioned

Entry Process not mentioned

Total Processes not mentioned

Inodes not mentioned

SSD and BW not mentioned

Cores not mentioned

Reseller 30 GB for 12.99 25 accounts

4) Known Host looks ok but prices got up a lot like site ground after first year.

6.47 5 domains goes up to 12.95 after term

9.97 unlmited goes up to 9.97 after term

BUT interestingly their reseller plans are about the same price. Hmmm

they have


Quic HHTP/3

Maria DB2


Free Comodo (Now I have Lets Encrypy)


Cloud Linus Isolation

WP Brute Force Protection


5) A host who is a regular on this site Mechanic Web

Cloudflare Global CDN


High Clock Speed CPU

CPU: Up to 2 Cores

Physical Memory: Up to 2 GB

Entry Processes: Up to 30

Disk I/O: Up to 50 MB/s

Processes: 100

Inodes: 250,000

6.72 a month

20- GB SSD NVe

200 GB MW

1 core

1 GB memory

Desicated IPv6

Turbo boost

LS cache


Cloud linus and Cage FS

HTTP/3 Quic enabled

for 10 dollars 30 GB SSD and 300 GB BW

for 20

dollars 30 GB reseller with 600 GB BW

I heard they have nice service.

So there it is. My current host seems to have high specs but i am not technical and wonder which of the listed hosts (or others) are reliable, have good service. great support. If all, great.

So far I am leaning toward MDD for Shared due to what i have read and observing Mike’s response. But not if I choose reseller. Known host looks good for that.

Support is important but as i know CPanel enough. I just want to see if my problems disappear with the new host and then move over.

Hopefully I can test without using my domain names until I make the switch