LowEndBoxTV: Your Own Self-Hosted DNS Using NSD

LowEndBoxTV Video on NSD If you’ve wanted to run your own DNS server but were a bit intimidated by BIND, this is the video for you. We take you through installing and configuring a 2-node DNS server setup using NSD, including setting up zone transfers and creating DNS records.

NSD is remarkably simple to use and takes a lot of the complexity out of the server part of running a DNS server.  The records are still a bit arcane but we’ll walk through the basics there.  If you need a caching nameserver, NSD isn’t for you, but if you just need a simple way to take a couple cheap VPS servers and authoritatively publish your DNS, NSD is a great solution.

This is an update to a tutorial we did quite a while ago, and goes a bit further as the video covers zone transfers.


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