Ltd company or property holding company ?? Differences

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    We are looking to buy a business the assets and goodwill will be one transaction and the freehold of building another as seller owns them under 2 names we were looking at setting up a ltd company for the assets and goodwill as this will be the everyday trading business that the public deal with, but not sure how to buy the freehold of building, we will own both, the plan is to have a lease agreement between the two so rental income from everyday trading account to the freehold building business.
    Should we set up another Ltd company for the freehold building purchase or we have heard property holding company mentioned but struggling to find info on this, are the two the same or different, and if different which should we set up for the freehold building side of things? This side of things would be very simple mortgage as outgoing and rental income from lease agreement to cover these costs and minimal other costs, its seperate so the building is protected if anything awful happened to the other side of trading company. Any advice gratefully received



    Jan 25, 2021 at 9:09 AM

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